Repercussions of Doing Your Homework 5 Minutes Into Class

Doing homework until the last two minutes of the ballgame, so to speak, is all but a familiar scene in schools. It’s either students are getting lazier or that study juices kick inn under time pressure due to deadlines. Whatever the reasons are, you should do your homework as early as you can, if you’re having difficulties, get a tutor to help you understand and ultimately answer your homework.

If you’re still pressed on doing your homework minutes before you’re supposed to submit them, consider the following consequences.

Answers will be incomplete

You will not be able to answer all the questions because of the limited time you gave yourself for answering your homework. You’re lucky if you will be able to answer 75% of your homework because the average is 50% and half of that are wrong or misplaced answers.

Answers will be wrong

Cramming until the last minute will lead you to just putting the wrong answers without realizing. Or you might know the right answer but misplace them in the wrong question. This is the part where the teacher will immediately notice that you just did the homework after the bell rang because the answers are wrong and are completely unrelated to the questions.

You’ll end up with a C to an F

And these are never good grades, unless you’re aiming for them. Incomplete and wrong answers to your homework will only give you failing grades. Your homework might have deserved a B- because you were able to answer a couple of questions correctly, but your teacher might give you an F because she judged that you did it just as she entered the classroom.


Miranda Kerr as a Victoria’s Secret Model in Photos

“It’s about encouraging young women to embrace their individuality. You may think it’s easy for me to say, but we all have insecurities. It’s important, as women, to get past all of that and let our talents shine.” – Miranda Kerr

A woman with an incredible looks, women admire her beauty, and men talk about her chimerical style, Miranda Kerr. She is the famous Victoria’s Secret model whose trademark is her killer dimples. Many celebrity photographer had fallen in love with her alluring exquisiteness and oozing sex appeal, Miranda’s eccentric combination made her the ideal promoter.

Miranda Kerr is the sole Australian beauty in the world famous lingerie beauties, the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Miranda’s dream is to become a nutritionist, she has a deep interest in psychology. However, she chooses to use her physical gift to promote the importance of “beauty inside and out”. Miranda hasn’t forgotten the importance of healthy foods to somebody else body.

The health conscious model is also a writer, i guess she can make a perfect dissertations. She is the author of the “Treasure Yourself”, Miranda’s perfect sculpted body and healthy thoughts continue to inspire women to seek for real beauty. Miranda Kerr impress many people once in awhile and I am more than happy to be indulge in her beauty and thoughts. Here are some of her glamorous, elegant, and fascinating photos as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

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