End Procrastination: Now!


“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” – Mark Twain

Humans are procrastinator in nature, but in different level. There are chronic and some are curable. We tend to put important things off and fritter away during our free time. Most of us learned the lesson late, and wish that we got started earlier.

Delaying to do the important things is actually not a bad habit, because we have different strength and weaknesses. Some people are more motivated when they know that the deadline is near, they get strength from panicking and their mind thinks faster when they procrastinate.

However, we should not be repeating the same situation all over again. Procrastination is unavoidable, but you can do something to control it and end it sooner. These 5 steps can help you start to achieve a greater success and end procrastination take over your life.

Develop a realistic plan. One must develop a wise plan to start controlling procrastination, look at it as your guide while you take over procrastination. Make use of the plan as your major weapon to control the habit of delaying doing the important task you should complete.

Start from the difficult tasks. Start from the chore that you see as the most difficult among others. Label the burdensome task as your priority, don’t challenge yourself that you can do it when you procrastinate there is a big percentage you won’t complete your task.

Avoid distractions. Instead of doing your homework or writing your essays you choose to goof around doing the miscellaneous things, you know you should be working but still you choose to have fun with your friends. This example is one of the major distraction why people procrastinate, avoid doing unnecessary actions that are not included in your realistic plan.

Choose the right motivation. I earlier said that people are natural procrastinator, they tend to get the motivation through deadlines. However, bear in mind you can do better if you start early.

Reward yourself. Give yourself a break after completing the assigned tasks, this factor will open your mind that you can achieve a great success if you don’t procrastinate.

It is important that we know what we want in life, we know what are our goals, and what we want to achieve in the future. Make it specific and achievable. The tips above are just some guidelines for you, if you have some additional guidelines you are free to comment and share it to others. Good luck!


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