The Secret to Enthralling Money this 2013


“A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Benjamin Franklin

The money you have inside your pocket can be doubled even tripled if you just know how to used it wisely. Avoid getting involved in a bad debt, change your mindset with regards to your financial decisions, improve your principle with regards to your financial management, having a financial goals, budgeting, and disciplined follow your financial goals.

There is no secret with regards of attracting money, the key to have a good financial status is to have a strong personal financial plan and discipline. If you develop these two characteristics you’ll learn the automatic process of growing your money. Financial plan and discipline are the major factors, however there are also some factors that could help in attracting money this 2013.



Watch your expenses. Expenses are the major hindrance to attract money, that is why you should strictly follow your financial plan. There are articles and sample essay about how to control your expenses without putting your happiness on the table, however, it could be a difficult process if you won’t follow your financial plan.

85322570Use your imagination. Using your imagination where you’ll put your money and where to spend it will help you to say to the universe that you are wise enough to have money. Imagine your money as a wealth that you’ll be spending in some years, run your imagination to the where you’ll put your money in the future.

111900629Take risks. In short, don’t be afraid to invest your money. Let’s say that you just keep it in your secret locker, do you think the value you save will be doubled in a year? Of course not! You can save for your personal usage but don’t be afraid to invest, there are financial program that help willing investors.

135887929Be generous. If you have achieved to doubled your money, share your blessings to others. You can share your blessing by giving the 10% of your income to the church, or prepare a charity movement. God give more to those who are willing to help.


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