The Secret to Enthralling Money this 2013


“A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Benjamin Franklin

The money you have inside your pocket can be doubled even tripled if you just know how to used it wisely. Avoid getting involved in a bad debt, change your mindset with regards to your financial decisions, improve your principle with regards to your financial management, having a financial goals, budgeting, and disciplined follow your financial goals.

There is no secret with regards of attracting money, the key to have a good financial status is to have a strong personal financial plan and discipline. If you develop these two characteristics you’ll learn the automatic process of growing your money. Financial plan and discipline are the major factors, however there are also some factors that could help in attracting money this 2013.



Watch your expenses. Expenses are the major hindrance to attract money, that is why you should strictly follow your financial plan. There are articles and sample essay about how to control your expenses without putting your happiness on the table, however, it could be a difficult process if you won’t follow your financial plan.

85322570Use your imagination. Using your imagination where you’ll put your money and where to spend it will help you to say to the universe that you are wise enough to have money. Imagine your money as a wealth that you’ll be spending in some years, run your imagination to the where you’ll put your money in the future.

111900629Take risks. In short, don’t be afraid to invest your money. Let’s say that you just keep it in your secret locker, do you think the value you save will be doubled in a year? Of course not! You can save for your personal usage but don’t be afraid to invest, there are financial program that help willing investors.

135887929Be generous. If you have achieved to doubled your money, share your blessings to others. You can share your blessing by giving the 10% of your income to the church, or prepare a charity movement. God give more to those who are willing to help.


End Procrastination: Now!


“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” – Mark Twain

Humans are procrastinator in nature, but in different level. There are chronic and some are curable. We tend to put important things off and fritter away during our free time. Most of us learned the lesson late, and wish that we got started earlier.

Delaying to do the important things is actually not a bad habit, because we have different strength and weaknesses. Some people are more motivated when they know that the deadline is near, they get strength from panicking and their mind thinks faster when they procrastinate.

However, we should not be repeating the same situation all over again. Procrastination is unavoidable, but you can do something to control it and end it sooner. These 5 steps can help you start to achieve a greater success and end procrastination take over your life.

Develop a realistic plan. One must develop a wise plan to start controlling procrastination, look at it as your guide while you take over procrastination. Make use of the plan as your major weapon to control the habit of delaying doing the important task you should complete.

Start from the difficult tasks. Start from the chore that you see as the most difficult among others. Label the burdensome task as your priority, don’t challenge yourself that you can do it when you procrastinate there is a big percentage you won’t complete your task.

Avoid distractions. Instead of doing your homework or writing your essays you choose to goof around doing the miscellaneous things, you know you should be working but still you choose to have fun with your friends. This example is one of the major distraction why people procrastinate, avoid doing unnecessary actions that are not included in your realistic plan.

Choose the right motivation. I earlier said that people are natural procrastinator, they tend to get the motivation through deadlines. However, bear in mind you can do better if you start early.

Reward yourself. Give yourself a break after completing the assigned tasks, this factor will open your mind that you can achieve a great success if you don’t procrastinate.

It is important that we know what we want in life, we know what are our goals, and what we want to achieve in the future. Make it specific and achievable. The tips above are just some guidelines for you, if you have some additional guidelines you are free to comment and share it to others. Good luck!

How to Capture those Elusive Newborn Photos

Photographs are the memorabilia of our unforgettable experiences, the images are the silent witnesses of our enduring remembrance. Newborn photography is one of the complicated kind of capturing photos. Photographers who accept photography sessions for newborns limit the number of their clients, to provide the highest quality service in each sessions.

Capturing those elusive photos of your newborn angel is like shooting the abiding love on your wedding day. The first days of your child’s life is miraculous, they will never be small and lovable as those first few days.

Tips to capture elusive newborn photos.

Position the newborn baby like their position in the womb. This will help the baby to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Look for props (baskets, ties, headbands, hats, etc.) that will create an creative shots. Make sure that the color of your props will incorporate the nursery colors. However, it will always be great if you keep the newborn with full head of hair.

Black and white photos are timeless. Often, newborn babies have blotchy skin, black and white color will help hide those spots and blotches on the newborn skin.

Turn off your flash. Find a spot that have soft and subtle light, and let God’s light do the work for you.

Click with your heart. Photograph your babies with something important to you, something you cherish the most. There are no perfect essay photographs but there are photos that can bring back all the memories just by staring at it. Those photos sealed the emotion of the photographer and the subject.

Find your unique shot and do whatever to capture it.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” – Ansel Adams

Repercussions of Doing Your Homework 5 Minutes Into Class

Doing homework until the last two minutes of the ballgame, so to speak, is all but a familiar scene in schools. It’s either students are getting lazier or that study juices kick inn under time pressure due to deadlines. Whatever the reasons are, you should do your homework as early as you can, if you’re having difficulties, get a tutor to help you understand and ultimately answer your homework.

If you’re still pressed on doing your homework minutes before you’re supposed to submit them, consider the following consequences.

Answers will be incomplete

You will not be able to answer all the questions because of the limited time you gave yourself for answering your homework. You’re lucky if you will be able to answer 75% of your homework because the average is 50% and half of that are wrong or misplaced answers.

Answers will be wrong

Cramming until the last minute will lead you to just putting the wrong answers without realizing. Or you might know the right answer but misplace them in the wrong question. This is the part where the teacher will immediately notice that you just did the homework after the bell rang because the answers are wrong and are completely unrelated to the questions.

You’ll end up with a C to an F

And these are never good grades, unless you’re aiming for them. Incomplete and wrong answers to your homework will only give you failing grades. Your homework might have deserved a B- because you were able to answer a couple of questions correctly, but your teacher might give you an F because she judged that you did it just as she entered the classroom.